SOUTHWEST TEAM CHALLENGE 2000 San Diego Street Elite

        Let's all get together, have some fun, get some great exercise, and help promote the sport we love. Southwest Team Challenge 2000 is a way to encourage involvement by the skate clubs/teams in the southwest by setting team goals at the major races. Just for fun! We have established a point system that will involve all level of competitors on our skate clubs.

Participating skate clubs:

  • Predator Speed Skate Club - Phoenix, Az.
  • Sk8 club - Tucson, Az.
  • TeamAir - Phoenix, Az.
  • San Diego Street Elite - San Diego, Ca.
  • Belmont Shore Inline - Long Beach, Ca.
  • Long Beach Bladers - Long Beach, Ca.

    Races to be included:

  • Spring Speedskating Championships - San Diego Velodrome - March
  • Northshore Marathon - Duluth - Sept.
  • Cactus Classic Marathon - Tucson - Nov.
  • New Times 10K - Phoenix - Nov.
  • Longbeach Marathon - Longbeach - Nov.
  • Chase the Sun Marathon - Culver - Dec.
  • More races to be added

    Here's how it works:

    1. Race promoters split the field typically as follows: Pro/elite, ProMasters, Advanced, Fitness, and Recreational (sometimes Fitness and Recreational are one category)

    2. Categories are typically broken down by age either 5 year or 10 age groupings.

    3. First place in and age group, regardless of category earns 5 points.

    4. Second place in age group, regardless of category earns 3 points.

    5. Third place in age group, regardless of category earns 1 point

    6. Each category will have the ability to accumulate the same number of points for their team

    7. A team can earn a maximum of 9 points in any one category

    8. Pro/elite racers are treated similarly to an age group with slight variation due to the numbers of skaters likely in this category (and let's face it these folks are the special folks on our teams). 5 points will be awarded to a finish in the top 1/3 of the Pro field, (rounding up for odd numbers) 3 points for a finish in the middle 1/3 of the Pro field and 1 point for the bottom 1/3 of the Pro field. (Our thought is you should earn something for the effort of racing in the Pro category even if you don't place. The maximum number of points a team can earn in Pro/elite is 9, just as any other category.

    9. ProMasters will be treated as a typical age group category (1st, 2nd, & 3rd.), due to the limited numbers of racers in the category at this time.

    10. All team members earning points must be in team colors (identifiable in some way as a member of that team)

    11. Participating teams will supply a roster of their team, (which can be adjusted at any time) this will be necessary for the entry fee as well as the points tally.

    12. Each participating team will pitch in $1. Per team member to buy a trophy which has multiple plates on it.

    13. After each race we will get a few minutes on the podium and announce the winning team for that race. (hopefully this will encourage all the teams to stick around until the end of the award ceremony) The winning team will be responsible to have a plate engraved with the race name and date and their name and will keep the trophy until the next race. They will also be responsible to get the trophy to the next race.

    14. The team with the most wins during the year will keep the trophy.

            The spirit of this competition is to promote camaraderie among the clubs. Good sportsmanship must be our guide. Hopefully this game will encourage clubs to bring more members to the out of town races (more skaters, more chances to earn points for the team). Increased participation by the teams will have a positive affect on the sport as a whole.

            When the non-affiliated skaters see the fun that's going on they will be asking how to get involved. This spirit of good sportsmanship must be maintained for the program to succeed. Many of us involved love the trash talk as much as the racing, let's remember that there are lots of kids in the group and lots of different personalities also. The trash talk can be part of the fun, but, let's keep it in balance so people don't get offended and the younger members don't learn the wrong lessons!

            Teams will be encouraged to police their own people. Infractions of poor sportsmanship (pushing, pulling, profanity, rudeness, etc.), which are verifiable, will result in a strike against the club. Three strikes and you're out. We will correspond as a group and if someone or some club is behaving contrary to this standard they (the club) will be asked to step aside.

            Suggestions for improvement of the system will be accepted all year and next year we can improve the game. Please forward any suggestions to Mark Gaylor in Phoenix at e-mail

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