Rockin' Summer Classic
at the San Diego Velodrome


Races to be held may be selected from, but is not limited to, the following list:

Scratch Race
Event in which all competitors in a category start at once from the start/finish line. The race is a fixed number of laps, usually less than 10.

Points Race
All skaters in a category start together for a fixed number of laps. On predetermined laps, the first competitor across the finish line will receive points. On the last lap, the top four shall receive points. Final placement is based on the total points earned. Typical distances are less that 10 laps.

Snowball Race
Similar to the Points Race, but points earned on predetermined laps increase during the race.

Miss and Out
In this mass-start event, the last skater across the finish line each lap is eliminated. For Tuesday night racing, this race continues until only one skater remains, who is the winner.

Win and Out
Similar to the Miss and Out, all skaters begin by skating a fixed distance. On the next lap, the first skater across the finish line places first and is removed from the race. The remaining competitors continue with the first skater across the line each lap receiving placement and removed until all have finished.

Unknown Distance
When this mass-start race begins, skaters do not know length of the event. They continue to skate until the officials ring the bell. From that point, competitors have one remaining lap to go in which they sprint to the finish. Typical distances are less than 10 laps.

Hare and the Hounds
In this race, skaters are the hounds and start together. The hare, usually a volunteer cyclist or skater, begins a fraction of a lap ahead. The skaters continue to chase the cyclist until one skater catches him/her. The next time the pack crosses the line, the officials will ring the bell indicating one lap to go. Placements are based off of the final finish.

Handicap Race
Skaters from all categories may start together for this race, but spaced apart around the lap. The slowest competitor starts the furthest ahead and will have the shortest distance to skate. The spacing is done in a manner to have all competitors come together for the final sprint on the last of a fixed number of laps. Placement is based off of the final finishing order. Typical number of laps depends on the field size. This is the most challenging race for all skaters, regardless of skill level.


Points in each race will be given to the top 4 finishers 5-3-2-1 for 1st through 4th place, respectively. 

Points awarded in the time trial, sprints and mass-start events will be totaled to determine final placements in each division.  Awards will be given to the top 3 individuals in each division based on total points.  Ties will be resolved based on head to head results, then on time trial results if necessary.
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