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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unofficial Results

Congratulations to everyone who raced this year.  As you may be aware there were some errors in the unofficial finish orders and times posted at the racecourse and some of the age group medals were presented to the wrong people.  Fortunately skaters are by tradition honest and cooperative and a group of 5 or so of the top finishers met with the timing company and was able to peice together the following list of the top 14 places:

  1. Brian Talley
  2. Rob Bell
  3. Matt Walther
  4. Norm Kirby
  5. Alex Fedak
  6. Pablo
  7. Carl Yee
  8. Chris Rojo
  9. Blair Atwell
  10. Linus Harth
  11. Andy Zak
  12. Herb Gayle
  13. Ed Watcher
  14. Scott Weinzapfel
  15. Carlos Vasquez
SDSE is working with the timing company to help make further corrections to the rest of the results, but we need YOUR help!  Please review the unofficial results below and send an email to about what you recall from the race.  Here's an example:

Dear SDSE:
I don't remember everything from the race but I do recall that in my pack the first skater was John Griggs.  Wendy Larson was next, then me (Jennifer Flores).  Behind me in the same pack somewhere were Alex Johnson, Bill Trexler, a couple young kids, and a guy from team Rainbo with a ponytail.  I'm not sure what order.  I also know that Larry Wilkenson beat Mary Williams.  Attached are some photos my husband took at the finish line.


Thanks for your help!

The following Unofficial Results need correction:

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