Fall Torrey Pines Time Trial and Handicapped Race
Sunday, October 26, 2008

Start: Meet at 8 am, ready to roll at 8:30am Meeting Place: La Jolla Village Square Shopping Center, near UC Cyclery (address for mapping: 8715 Villa La Jolla Dr. La Jolla, CA 92037)

Cyclists park and meet here on Saturdays and Sundays so there should be no problem leaving cars in ths lot. I suggest parking at the end of the parking lot near Noble Street, next to the UC Cyclery building. There are bathrooms in some of the stores including Ralph's and Starbucks. The shopping center is right off the Nobel exit on the 5 (at the Mormon church) if coming from the south - take the La Jolla Village Drive exit off the 5 if coming from the north.

We will skate from the parking lot to Torrey Pines as a warm-up and return there at the end of the event.

There will be an official time keeper this time and car support (a ride down Torrey Pines if you don't want to skate it).

The first Torrey Pines Time Trial was held in April. It consists of two races up Torrey Pines (1.4 miles, ~400 foot ascent), the first a straight time trial and the second a handicapped race with start times staggered based on the results of the time trial. We crown a King and Queen of the hill (Olivier Heuze and Noriko Morita in the spring), a winner of the handicapped race and sandbagger award of shame for the person with the biggest difference between their time trial time and handicapped race time (both going to Brandon Thorsten in the spring). We'll also have a most improved skater award this time for the person with the largest percentage improvement between their spring and fall time trial times.

Bicycles are welcome to join the event. Bicycles may compete in two categories - bicycles only and bicycles against Carl Yee.  For the latter category, bicyclists agree to wager a beer against Carl - if the cyclist loses to Carl SDSE will buy the cyclist a beer but if the cyclist loses to Carl the cyclist will owe Carl a beer.

There's also a housewarming party at my house after the event. The official start time will be noon but everyone is welcome to head over whenever we are finished with the event (shower available). Lunch and drinks will be provided.  Please don't bring housewarming gifts! - the house is already crammed with more stuff than we can use or store - your good wishes to us in our new home is more than enough. Everyone is welcome - children and spouses and any and all else.  Please request directions when you RSVP if you haven't received directions already from the email list.

This is an "unofficial" and unsupported open event and there is no entry fee.  Please RSVP for one or both events so we don't miss anyone at the start and for a headcount for comustibles.

Torrey Pines Route
Course is said to be a 5.5% grade 400 ft climb over 1.4 miles.  It starts at the beginning of bike lane at the bottom and ends at the sign and flashing light at the top.

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