Regarding the Gerhard Japp Torrey Pines Hill Climb held October 25, 2009,

Here is some information for those interested in piecing together results of the first climb.  Note that some of the information may conflict.  If you have information to add, please email it to  

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  1. From Bob Mirabal:
    With the confusion of four of us essentially finishing at the same time, (Michael, me, Blair and Nick), I checked my GPS for the first climb to get a fairly accurate time..
    My time was 8:31.
    Michael would've been approx 1 sec in front of me, plus one minute because he started 1 min earlier, so Michael's time would've been 9:30.
    Blair was next behind me, probably 2 sec.  I owed Blair 30 sec, so his time would've been approx 8:03.
    Nick followed Blair, probably 2-4 sec.  Nick started 30 sec in front of me, so his time would be 9:07.

  2. From Carl Yee:
    I had a time of 7:44 for the first climb per my stopwatch.
  3. From Cassidy Brown
    I had a time of 17:something for the first climb.

  4. Here's the sheet Joe fwas using to try to record times at the finish of the finish of the first climb:

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