Fall Torrey Pines Time Trial

Date:Sunday, October 25, 2009
Meet: La Jolla Shores (Kellogg Park Parking Lot, Camino Del Oro, La Jolla) 8:00am
Roll At: 8:30am
First Race Start At: After 9:00am, bottom of Torrey Pines hill (Torrey Pines State Park entrance)
Downhill Assist: Bicycle brake, possible car transport
Post Race Festivities: At the meet point (La Jolla Shores), approximately 11am, light brunch, family welcome
RSVP: Please, to sd50@sk8.org

The Torrey Pines Hill Climb is named in memory of our dear friend and skating comrade, Gerhard Japp.

The event has a very unique structure in that it allows skaters and bicycles at all levels to directly compete with an equal chance of winning. Although the Torrey Pines Hill is big climb (approximately 1.1 miles with 700 feet of gain) it is very doable for all skaters.

The event consists of two races up Torrey Pines, the first is a individual time trial and the second a handicapped race with start times offset by the differences in time trial times. We crown a King and Queen of the hill and a winner of the handicapped race. Caution! We also have a sandbagger award of shame for the person who, by our secret mathematical formula, is determined to have sandbagged on the time trial in order to improve their chances on the handicapped race. Finally, this event was held in the spring and for those that participated there is an award for the person who shows the greatest percentage improvement in the time trial performance.

This is an "unofficial" and unsupported open event and there is no entry fee. It is arguably the best combination of fun and accomplishment one can have on skates.

Most skaters will want to take advantage of help on the descent down Torrey Pines, either because they don't feel comfortable at high downhill speeds or just to save energy and possibly wheel wear. We will definitely have one or more bicycles to help with braking and will probably also have car transport down the hill.

For this event we are meeting at the La Jolla Shores park and beach and skating about 7 miles at warm-up speed to the race start. There are bathrooms at the meet point. We'll go up Calle del Oro and through the UCSD campus. This requires a climb from sea level to the top of Torrey Pines, albeit over a longer distance than the race climb. The first part of the warm-up, however, up Calle del Oro, is steep. Skaters that do not want to do the warm-up (and return) can meet us at the race start at the base of Torrey Pines.

After the race we will talley the results and have a little celebration at La Jolla Shores, including a light brunch which will be provided. Bring lawn/beach chairs or blankets and, if you might like to swim in the ocean, your swimming attire. You are very welcome to bring family for the celebration.

RSVP will be VERY helpful in order to have the right amount food for the post-race celebration and to prepare the race sheets in advance for recording results. Let us know if you are biking or skating, if you are not starting at the meet point but joining at the base of Torrey Pines, and if you are bringing family to the celebration. RSVPs can be sent to sd50@sk8.org.

Meet Point:

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A Route to Start Point (not actual route):

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Past results:  Spring 2008, Fall 2008Spring 2009

        Gerhard Photo                            View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com
Our friend Gerhard, 1938-2006

Torrey Pines Route
Course is said to be a 5.5% grade 400 ft climb over 1.4 miles.  It starts at the beginning of bike lane at the bottom and ends at the sign and flashing light at the top.

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