Sunday, December 12, 2010

Because the skate race was just recently added to the 25th annual Tinsel Tri event in Hemet, we were not able to get the skate portion listed on their event’s website. Not to worry, we can handle registration the old fashion way… person. However, it will speed things along if you could send your information ahead of time and simply pay your $15 cash the morning you arrive. We have plenty of help, and will take care of business without a problem. Registration at 7:00 am, start time 8:15.


The course is a fast and flat 12 mile course. We use the same course as the bike portion of the triathlon. It is possible that our finish will be slightly altered from what is shown in the pdf link.


We are sort of a demonstration sport at this time, hoping to grow the number of skater participants to a respectable number in order to officially be a part of this great event. We are charging a minimal amount, $15, to be given to the United Way charity. This is a fraction of what the runners and triathletes are paying. As such, we will not have timing chips, or t-shirts. We show up with few expectations and a positive attitude, since we are guests. Those who skated last year are excited to be invited back to skate on this beautiful course.

We will skate rain or shine.

2009 Winners:

1st place – Blair Attwell

2nd place – Curt Labeda

3rd place – Chris Rojo


*If you are in a hurry to leave after the event, you should not park at the high school. Roads remain closed for finish of triathlon. Walmart lot is close, and may be a good alternative.

**All skaters registered will be entitled to 20% discount off wheels and skates, and 10% off all other products from


To RSVP, email Please enter “race registration” in subject line.

Send name, age, city where you are from, and a contact phone number.

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