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The SD50: Oceanside to San Diego 50 Mile Skate-Bike

Sunday, September 2, 2012 Roll At 8:30 AM

The SD50 is a recreational skate from Oceanside to downtown San Diego. A bit less than 50 miles is covered, primarily along the Pacific Coast Highway following our stunning coastline. The skate is structured to accommodate any skater provided you are comfortable on the open road and on hills and can cover 50 miles in 5 hours or less. We skate at our own pace but we try to stay in groups and we will have regular regrouping and rest points.

Cyclists are very welcome to join in the fun. Cyclists typically participate fully in the event, riding at the approximate speed of the skaters and, if comfortable, helping lead pace lines and providing a brake down steeper hills.

The event is followed by lunch near the train station.

(Note:  As per Elliot's Century, we will do the La Jolla route instead of the Rose Canyon route, thereby avoiding the horrible slurry seal 'improvement' the City did to Sante Fe Road. The revised route has us going through a portion of Pacific Beach, a piece of the bay-side of Mission Beach boardwalk and connecting to the 'typical' route where we do our dicey crossing at Nimitz. The roads are ... humm, not smooth ... and most of the route, almost all, is on the road: this is tour is best suited to the experienced skaters (and anyone on bikes, comfortable with traffic). 

Meet: Oceanside Amtrak station (OSD) parking lot. You'll see the skaters.

Start Time: Be ready to roll at 8:30am.

Getting There: There are two Amtrak trains from downtown San Diego (SAN) to Oceanside (OSD) in the morning, one at 6:10 that arrives at 7:01 and one at 7:05 that arrives at 7:53. You can buy tickets online. Tickets are $20. If you arrive by car you can park in the Amtrak parking lot and return by train in the afternoon.

SAG: We do not have a SAG. If anyone is interested in being a SAG driver let us know.  Aside from good karma you'll have our eternal gratitude.

Bailing Out: There is a train station in Solana Beach, approximately the half-way point. In the worst case we'll retrieve any stranded skaters by car at the end of the event.

Carrying Stuff: Since we don't have a SAG you'll have to carry whatever you need during the skate. 

Length of the event: Participants should be able to complete the event in 5 hours or less so we'll finish by 1:30 at the latest, assuming all goes well.

Finish: San Diego Amtrak Station.

Lunch: Lunch afterward as usual at the Karl Strauss Brewing Company downtown.

Getting home: If you are going back to Oceanside there are northbound Coaster trains from San Diego to Oceanside at 12:24, 3:25, and 6:45 PM.  The Coaster ($5.50) costs a lot less than Amtrak ($20), but there are also Amtrak trains leaving San Diego at 10:50, 12:05 1:40, 2:40, 4:00, 6:15....

RSVP: Please email  If you didn't RSVP before and you don't RSVP now or ever you can still show up at the event but is helpful to know who is coming ahead of time. Let us know if you are skating or biking. If skating and you are new to SDSE let us know your approximate speed and experience level to help us in planning. A cell phone number would also be very helpful so we can reach you, if necessary, during the skate.

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