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Location: Mission Beach.
Route: Bike path loop around Mission Bay and Fiesta Island.
Distance: 10 miles. An additional 2 miles on the loop around Fiesta Island.
Terrain: Mostly flat. Sandy.
Pavement: Mostly smooth 4- to 6-foot wide bike path. Some very rough sections. Some roadskating required to skate the complete loop.
Traffic: Moderate to heavy bicycle and pedestrian. Numerous intersections and cross-streets.
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        Mission Beach is the touristy boardwalk in San Diego. The boardwalk is narrow with heavy pedestrian traffic and is not suitable for speedskating. However, it is a required stop for recreational skating on any trip to San Diego. The boarwalk starts near the jetty on the south end and runs north to Pacific Beach.
        Asides from the beach, Mission Bay is a major outdoor recreational hangout for the city of San Diego. There are numerous trails to explore all around the bay, most of good quality. Additional trails connect to Pacific Beach to the north, Ocean Beach to the south, and various coastal communities to the east.
        Finding the complete outer loop around Mission Bay is not inherently obvious, since it requires two detours onto roads where the paths end. Because of the sometimes heavy pedestrian traffic, speedskating and training is only possible at off-peak times: weekdays during the winter or early on weekend mornings.
        Restrooms and water fountains are frequently located along the heavily-traveled portions of the path.
        From the north on I-5 exit at Sea World Dr. and turn right at the end of the off-ramp. You will see Fiesta Island on the right as you pass the first light. Stay on Sea World Dr. as you pass the Sea World entrance. Take the next exit on the right for Ingraham St. Stay in the right lanes of the on-ramp and immediately get off at the next exit onto W. Mission Bay Dr. This will take you all the way to Mission Blvd., where you'll see the Belmont Rollercoaster. Go straight through the intersection and park in the Mission Beach lot.
        From the south on I-5 or from I-8 take I-8 west and exit at Ingraham St./Sports Area Blvd. Turn right at the end of the off-ramp onto Ingraham St. At the second interchange exit right onto W. Mission Bay Dr. This will take you all the way to Mission Blvd., where you'll see the Belmont Rollercoaster. Go straight through the intersection and park in the Mission Beach lot.
        There are many other parking lots to start from around Mission Bay.

1 The Mission Beach parking lot, site of the Belmont Rollercoaster. Dance skaters, stunt skaters, skateboarders, and freestyle cyclists hang out in front of Hammel's beach shop to show off their stuff. To access the bay trail, cross inland back past Mission Blvd. You will see the path begin on the left when the bay opens up. Be careful of cracks in this section. Pedestrian traffic can be heavy here.
2 The path ends here. To continue on the loop, skate straight through the parking lot to Corona Oriente Rd. Turn right and proceed up the curved hill to a 4-way stop. Turn right onto Crown Point Dr., which will eventually end at a stop sign. Turn right onto Pacific Beach Dr. Just ahead the road will curve sharply left. Follow the double-yellow lines onto Olney St. Turn right at the traffic light onto Grand Ave. Down the hill past the high school on the right you will cross the Rose River.
3 Taking the Rose River trail north will lead to a bike route on the road that goes to the Gilman bike path connector to UCSD. Proceeding south on the Rose River trail will return you to Mission Bay. Caution: Very rough and bumpy pavement. When the path ends by the golf course, turn left onto the road. At the next stop sign, turn right towards the bay.
4 The lighted path begins again here at the cul-de-sac. Pedestrian traffic can be heavy in this section.
5 The access point to Fiesta Island is on the right. Please skate on the right side of the one-way loop road. At the fork about 3/4mi in, keep left. Pavement on the north half of the island is not skateable.
6 A dedicated path breaks off on the right shortly past the access to Fiesta Island. Turn left when the asphalt path ends at a lighted concrete path. Turn at your next left onto the asphalt path to bypass the south boat launch. At the road intersection skate across to the path on the other side. This path will curve to travel alongside Sea World Dr.
7 Caution: As you pass Sea World the path will descend slightly and curve sharply to a crosswalk with a traffic light. Cross the road and follow the path on the opposite side.
8 Continue on the path through the intersection paralleling Ingraham St. The path will curve underneath the Ingraham St. bridge and emerge on the other side at Dana Landing Rd. Follow Dana Landing Rd. south past the same traffic-light intersection you just bypassed. Just past that intersection, turn right into the parking lot and head towards the boat launch. Caution: The pavement in the parking lot is very rough. The path begins here again along the bay.
9 To return to Mission Beach, do not cross underneath W. Mission Bay Dr. Instead, climb the stairs shortly before it. You can take the sidewalk or the bike lane back. This bridge crossing over the channel is the only major hill of the skate. You can skate to Ocean Beach by proceeding on the path underneath W. Mission Bay Dr.
10 The path ends here. Turn left on Quivera Blvd. and proceed on the road past the marinas.
11 As the road curves to the right, you will see the Sunset Cliffs Blvd. bridge ahead to your left. You can access the path on the left here or skate to the end of the peninsula and return on the path. Take the Sunset Cliffs Blvd. bridge over the San Diego River.
12 After crossing the bridge, immediately turn right onto the path paralleling the river.
13 The path ends here at dog beach. You may return the way you came.

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