Mammoth Ski Trip
Mammoth Lakes, CA - March 23, 2007    
San Diego Street Elite

Friday, March 23, 2007

The group, Joe, and Howard's biff off of Canyon Express (14.5MB)

Cathy off of Chair 3 (18.6MB)

Joe off of Chair 3 (36.7MB)

Ajay, Cathy, Gregg, Rodney, and Lizzy off of Chair 5 (32.0MB)

Ajay, Lizzy, and Rodney off of Chair 5 (46.7MB)

Joe, Rodney, Lizzy, and Ajay's fly-by off of Chair 5 (46.4MB)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scoping the course (10.8MB)

Scoping the course (6.8MB)

The start (51.8MB)

Stuck (3.9MB)

Unstucking (29.1MB)

Unstucking (21.2MB)

Retrieval (19.0MB)

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