Human Race
Modesto, CA - May 8, 1999     S  
San Diego Street Elite

Summary courtesy Neal Lucey of Belmont Shores Inline...

The Modesto race had a good turnout with a lot of talent in the 20K, including Dane Lewis, Eddie, Troy Atwell, Scott Baldwin, Dan Burger, Jay Etheredge, Jon Elliot, Heather Gunnin, and Michelle Bizeau. It seemed like just about all of the Nor. Cal. skaters were there.

Dane Lewis won it going away followed by Scott Baldwin, Troy Atwell and Jay Etheredge. Dane took off at the beginning of the race and the first pack was never able to reel him in. Heather Gunnin won among the women.

The course was also pretty good. It was held on traffic free roads with course marshalls managing traffic at intersections. There were a few rough sections with one pretty long stretch near the end of the course. I've skated on much rougher roads (Phoenix and the first Tucson race come to mind), so I'm not complaining. The only complaint that I have is with the results. It took them a long time to figure out the results and announce the winners. This was mostly because they didn't have a chute at the end and weren't grabbing tear tags as skaters finished.

I would definitely recommend going if they hold the race again next year.

Neal Lucey

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