San Diego Skate Competition
San Diego, CA - May 15, 1999     T   P   R   S
San Diego Street Elite

SDSE's first race produced in conjunction with the Southern California Velodrome Association on 5/15 was a success! Around 25 skaters converged at the San Diego Velodrome for the first skate race there in over 10 years. Last time all skaters were on traditional quads. On Saturday, all skaters were on inlines. Racing took place on the flat, level apron at the bottom of the banked cycling track, a 333m oval excellent for spectating. The weather was great -- partly sunny and in the low 60s for a wonderful afternoon outdoors.

Each participant started off with individual 200 and 2000m time trials. They were ranked and sorted into heats for the races accordingly. Points were scored for finishing high in (1) the 1000m sprint race, (2) a longer fixed-distance race, and (3) the last wo/man out competition. Plaques were awarded to the top finishers in each category based on the total points from the 3 events.

World-class Team FILA/Verducci skaters Shaun Pattison, Joey Flesher, and Julie Glass swept the Pro/Elite events. They took the top 3 places in every event and in overall points. Their power and strategies outdid Joe Prescott (SDSE), Marc Steiner (SDSE), Richard Nett, Neal Lucey (BSI), and me.

Power and strategy also led Wendy Holbert (SDSE) to finish first in the fixed-distance and last wo/man out races with the women and advanced men categories combined. Roger Olsen (Long Beach Bladers) should probably begin registering pro based off of his performance Saturday, edging out SDSE's Bob Minami.

Sandra de Bruyn and Leondra Baker also competed for SDSE. Unfortunately, Sandra lost her balance rounding a turn and fell, tearing a few ligaments in her shoulder. She will be taking a couple months off skating to recover.

Thanks for those who came out to race and spectate, especially those who travelled from Los Angeles and Phoenix. We should thank the SCVA for providing an excellent new venue for our sport. SDSE will work with the SCVA to produce more skate races at the San Diego Velodrome in the future.

KFMB Channel 8 (CBS) was on-site to cover the event. They broadcasted a short segment on their evening news that night. Look for full results to be posted to the SDSE home page soon.


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