Tuesday Night Summer Racing Series
San Diego, CA - July 9 through Aug. 27, 2002     T   R   S  
San Diego Street Elite

The Tuesday Night Racing Series at the San Diego Velodrome was split into two shorter series for 2002. The Summer Series started on July 9 and ran almost every other week through August 27, 2002.

Coming into the series finale, Howard Yeh had first place overall secured as long as he continued to score points that week. But the battle was on for second place with Brandon Thorsten leading Carl Yee by just four points.

The first event of the evening was a 4-Lap Snowball. Howard took the win, which forced Carl to finish second and Brandon third. This cut Brandon's series total to just two points over Carl.

However, in the 3-Lap Handicap, Brandon came out victorious with Carl in second place. With this result, Carl dropped back to four points behind Brandon overall in the series.

But also with that win, Brandon had the second-place position overall secured since the last event was a Win & Out, barring any unusual result. To ensure his finish, Brandon strategically sprinted for second place in the Win & Out rather than gambling for first place. Carl did eventually successfully outsprint Howard for the win, but the points he gained in that race was not enough to change his series position.

Howard Yeh won both series this year. Brandon Thorsten finished second in the Summer Series with Carl Yee third. Among the women, Cyndi Matsuda finished first again to also win both series this year.

Thank you to all for supporting the 2002 Tuesday Night Races. Special thanks to the San Diego Velodrome Association which continues to support our sport. Detailed results can be found on the SDSE web site at http://www.sk8.org.

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