San Diego Coast Skate
San Diego, CA - Aug. 7, 2004     T   P   S  
San Diego Street Elite

Baja Fresh San Diego Street Elite's Annual Oceanside to San Diego California 50 mile Skate / bike was Aug 7, 2004. This gathering of many local skaters and cyclists from LA, Orange County and San Diego has been a favorite for a few years now and continues to grow with each year. This year had 19 skaters, 10 cyclists (all of whom are skaters too) & 4 support SAG wagon vehicles for the added safety of the group. It was a beautiful Southern California morning with coastal clouds early and then bright warming sun as the morning unfolded.

8 AM all were gathering in the Amtrak station of Oceanside Cal. greeting each other as friends do. Yes some have not seen or skated together for some time so it is always a re-enforcing bonding of those friendships that make this outing special. 8:30 was our roll off time and after announcements we roll over to our Kodak spot for the group photo to document our start of a wonderful day being all together skating down a most picturesque Southern California Coastline. The Oceanside Pier was in the background as our colorful parade headed south for the trek. Mini bubbles were flying all about from the skaters as heads turned to watch such a sight rolling by.

The route the San Diego Street Elite, Howard Yeh and Linus Harth had planned for us that morning first rolled through the cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia and Encinitas where the 1st regrouping / restroom stop took place. Damon brought from his RV a water cooler with chilled ice water for all to refill water bottles. I have been to many events and have never had the pleasure of such a welcome treat. Out of another SAG wagon, Carole and Howard brought delicious sweet red grapes, bananas and the likes. Yet from a 3rd SAG wagon came bottles of water and other goodies. The 4th SAG wagon (my Suburban) carried skater and cyclists bags, tool, parts and extra bike on top for Duane to switch too later if his feet were talking to him. Yep, that is right, we had 4 SAG wagon equipped with walkie talkies. How sweet was that, SAGs for all levels of skaters.

On we skated, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Del Mar and Torrey Pines where the BIG hill climb took us to our 2nd, welcome, regrouping / rest stop. After climbing Torrey Pine hill all were enjoying well needed refueling. Then we rolled through La Jolla/ UTC and Pacific Beach for the 3rd regrouping point. By now we had all come 40+ miles with lots of the route being on PCH passing some of the best, well known beaches in Southern California. Fruit, chilled, water, energy bars, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ice Cold Watermelon and the likes were enjoyed by all to get ready for the last 10 miles heading to downtown San Diego.

It was at this point I opted to get off my skates and help in the SAG wagon, I was feeling the distance and because I was taking a bazillion pictures, rolling up, drifting back, rolling up it was like being in a race with many flyers. I knew from past times I always like to pick up the pace at the end but when I am tired that is usually when I crash so gladly I manned the Sub.

This last 10 miles is my favorite section of this wonderful route. It is flatter rolling on in to Mission Bay with many local and tourists enjoying water sports in beautiful bay park setting. This is truly one of San Diego's jewel spots. Ocean Beach, Point Loma and then you get on one of the most beautiful bike paths I have every had the pleasure of skating upon that rolls through Harbor Island in the San Diego Bay.

As you are rolling along at bayside the world famous San Diego downtown waterfront skyline comes into view with all of it glory, beauty, historical waterfront Maritime Museums of sailing ships, San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal and world famous Coronado Bridge leading over to one the Worlds most popular, beautiful vacation spots of Coronado Island. Looking out into the Bay you could see many sail and pleasure craft enjoying another beautiful So Cal day on the water. Moored at the Navy's North Island Naval Station were 3 aircraft carriers; This is a most unusual site to see 3 carries in dock at the same time. How impressive they all looked stretching for maybe a mile or so.

Then our group turned up Broadway into the heat of the city with all of its historical buildings mixed in with the modern age of glass and steel skyscrapers. Our destination was Baja Fresh our last refueling station after a wonderful day enjoying what we love to do, skate with friends. Baja Fresh is truly a refuel oasis and they laid out a feast of wonderful items for your pleasure of choice. Drinks were on the house for in there refill to your hearts content souvenir cups. The last pictures of the day were doing just that, having a great meal, re-hydrating and talking story with friends of the day.

Many thanks to SDSE and all of the hard work they did to give us this wonderful outing, to the many SAG wagon volunteers, Baja Fresh and of course to the cyclists who watched over the skaters assisting those who needed extra braking down steep hills, helping with traffic control and pulling the pace lines safely along effortless, well almost effortless. Hope to see many return for next years as well as many new comers join us.

Yes we are very lucky to live, play and SKATE in Southern California.

ROOOOOger Olson ("The Old Guy")

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