Do You Know the Way To San Jose
San Francisco, CA - Sept. 12, 1999     T   R   S  
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Results courtesy D. Miles of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association...

Sept. 13, 1999


Alternative Transportation. What do these words mean. To many it means riding MUNI, taking the ferry or taking Caltrain to work. To some it simply means bicycles. San Francisco skaters have presented another alternative and include inline skating as a part of the alternative transportation mix.

Do you know the way to San Jose? On Sunday, Sept. 12, about 40 inline skaters skated the 49 mile distance from San Francisco to San Jose. Skaters met in San Francisco at 5:30 A.M. near the Caltrain Station at 4th and Townsend. They started skating at 6:00 A.M. along Mission to El Camino Real. The skaters followed El Camino Real all the way to San Jose to the San Jose Arena.

This event was presented to show that the technology in skating has vastly improved from the days of steel or plastic wheels. Skaters can travel much farther and faster now than ever before. People all across the country are using their skates to get to work, to get a healthy workout, or even to see the sights of the city. The first skaters was able reach San Jose in about 3 hours.

The San Francisco Skate Advisory Committee (SFSAC) is working to officially get San Francisco skaters in the alternative transportation mix. The plan involves a one year trial period where skaters will have access to some of San Francisco's bike route system. This will enable skaters to skate to work or otherwise use their skates legally to get around the city.

Here are the results.

total distance = 49 miles

SEPT. 12, 1999

1.  Joe Prescott           1st Pro Men            3:01:46
2.  Andy Pele              1st Sr. B Men          3:06:22
3.  Critter Crittenden     2nd Pro Men            3:10:03
4.  Dan Filner             2nd Sr. B Men          3:10:26
5.  Mark Fitzsimmons       3rd Sr. B. Men         3:22:30
6.  Dennis Cummings        3rd Pro Men            3:27:22
7.  Bill Keegan            1st Grand Master Men   3:27:34
8.  Tom McCue              1st Master Men         3:31:33
9.  Ingrid Gabrian         1st Pro Women          3:31:35
10. Victor Del Rossi       2nd Master Men         3:32:44
11. Nicole Mathews         2nd Pro Women          3:51:30
12. Kevin Barnard          1st Vet Men            4:03:46
13. Nick Pouschine         2nd Vet Men            4:08:00
14. Joel Vanderwerf        4th Sr. B Men          4:08:01
15. Jeffery Deslich        3rd Vet Men            4:08:03
16. Matthew Footer         5th Sr. B Men          4:17:12
17. Alison Pankey          1st Sr. B Women        4:18:43
18. Gary Agan              3rd Master Men         4:18:44
The next 5 skaters stopped for breakfast during the roadskate. They stopped at Hobbies in Palo Alto. They stuffed themselves with eggs, home fried potatoes, Coffee cake, muffins and got back on the road moving a lot slower than before. Maybe we should arrange this kind of stop for everyone next year.
19. Jeff Cavanaugh         6th Sr. B Men          4:32:29
20. Alexandra De Bruyn     2nd Sr. B Women        4:32:32
21. Paul Pillitteri        4th Pro Men            4:42:34
    Robert Rodriguez       worked off breakfast in the van at 45 mile mark
    Julie Hirshen          worked off breakfast in the van at 45 mile mark.

22. Stanley Gambarin       1st Sr. A Men          4:34:49
23. Glenn Friedland        4th Vet Men            4:37:52
24. Chris Lorents          1st Vet Women          4:37:55
25. Paul Wendt             4th Master Men         4:38:11
26. Phil Lenihan           1st Immortal Men       4:42:56
27. Victoria Armigo        2nd Vet Women          4:55:38
28. Chas Schley            7th Sr. B Men          4:55:40
29. Simonetta Turek        3rd Sr. B Women        4:55:45
30. Sally Mead             4th Sr. B Women        5:03:15
31. Jerome Castaing        8th Sr. B Men          5:04:07
32. Jeannie Jarnot         5th Sr. B Women        5:40:05
*   Stefan Pommerenk       Tried hard and will make it next time
*   Rebbecca Groves        Tried haed and will make it next time

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