Do You Know the Way To San Jose
San Francisco, CA - Sept. 12, 1999     T   R   S  
San Diego Street Elite

Well Andy and I went out to Frisco and tore it up. We started out cautiously and stayed in the lead with the main guys until we got onto the Hwy. 82. We started out hard and kept it up and in no time we could not see anyone behind us. We worked it very well and Andy was doing very strong.

After about 30 miles Andy started to tire out and I kept him going another 5 miles or so before taking it out on my own. In a short time Andy was not even visible behind me and I was feeling good. I thought I was lost for the last 2 miles and did lose some time while I was trying to read my position on the map. I was just putting along looking for signs when I saw the finish.

I finished first overall in a time of 3:01.48 (I think the seconds are correct). Andy came in about 5 minutes later and the other fast guys came in 6 minutes after him. Sandra and Paul and others decided to make this a fun skate and they stopped at about the 1/2 way point and had an hour breakfast. Sandra still won 2nd place (was there a 3rd?). We totally had fun even though Andy and Sandra both fell.


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